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Cream buns with rhubarb foam

Desserts (patisserie)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 20 pcs

Ingredients for Cream buns with rhubarb foam

The grains from ½ vanilla stick
Rhubarb foam
100gPasteurized egg whites
100gMelted butter
2dlRhubarb syrup
200gDark chocolate
5Rhubarb bars
75gWheat flour

Instructions for Cream buns with rhubarb foam

To prepare the Cream buns with rhubarb foam recipe, please follow these instructions:

The butter is melted in a small saucepan. Do not turn brown and allow to cool

Eggs, buttermilk and sugar are stirred together, the flour is added little by little and stirred together, there must be no lumps in,
Finally add the cooled butter.
The dough is baked in a waffle iron until the waffles are golden brown. They are allowed to cool. Bounding then sticks with a glass or a ring of about 5 cm in diameter so that they are ready

rhubarb syrup
The rhubarb is cut into small pieces and put a pot of water and sugar, boil and cook at about 112 degrees
For 10 minutes, the rhubarb is sieved and the syrup is cooled inside it to be used.

rhubarb foam
The rhubarb, sugar, glucose and vanilla kernel are boiled to about 115 degrees, using thermometer.
Egg whites and sugar are whipped sticks and the warm Glucose / syrup is added while whipping constantly, it must be whipped for about 7 minutes, after which it is placed in a spray bag and sprayed on the bottom.

Enjoy the refreshments

Bounding may benefit from the day before. And if they are soft before use, they can be baked at 150 degrees for 5 minutes and then they are crisp again. Regarding the syrup, it is recommended that you use a thermometer. It is advisable to use a kitchen machine for the foam