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Cream rolls with nuts

Desserts (patisserie)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Cream rolls with nuts

Whipped cream
Planed chocolate
0.75dlDark syrup
50gBitter chocolate
75gWheat flour
80gNut kernels

Instructions for Cream rolls with nuts

To prepare the Cream rolls with nuts recipe, please follow these instructions:

Chop the nuts, add sugar, butter and syrup in a saucepan and warm to boiling point, add nuts and flour and stir in. Let it bake for 2 minutes. Remove the pan and allow the dough to cool a little.

Divide the dough into 16 balls placed on a baking sheet coated with baking paper, press them flat and make sure that there is a good distance between them as they run out and become twice as large. Bake the cakes on the middle shelf at 200 degrees for 4-7 minutes until they are golden.

Let them stand for a moment and roll them to rolls. If they are so rigid that you can not roll them, put them in the oven for a second until they are flexible and warm again.

Whip the cream, take a little bit of decoration. Chop the chocolate, mix half in the whipped cream and store the rest for decoration. Fill the rolls with the cold whipped cream and finally decorate with a little whipped cream sprayed through a lozenge. Sprinkle some chocolate on.

The dough can last three weeks in the refrigerator, covered.