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Creamy potato-porridge soup

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Creamy potato-porridge soup

0.5tspBlack pepper
1tspCoarse salt
1.5dl2 dl cream or cream fraice (cream fraicen is the more sour in taste than cream, hence I use cream)
2Big leeks cut into rings (get as much of it as possible with green)
4Large potatoes sliced
5dlBroth (I mix vegetable and chicken broth)
5dlMilk (preferably low fat milk-but the foam is also fine)

Instructions for Creamy potato-porridge soup

To prepare the Creamy potato-porridge soup recipe, please follow these instructions:

1. First, butter and oil are heated together without brining, and then the porpoises are switched for approx. 2 minutes to make them shiny.

2. Then add the potato slices and the steaming hot broth. It is boiled for approx. 15 minutes or until the potatoes are quite tender.

3. The saucepan is taken off the flask, the milk is added and the whole is blended with a rod blender.

4. Put the pot back on the warm fire of medium heat and the cream (or cream fraic) is added with stirring. The soup must NOT boil after it has blended, but it must be steamed hot.

Season with salt and pepper.

It is best with a little crispy bacon and / or cooked carrots. A little fresh parsley can be sprinkled on top when served (: It is super delicious with ciabattabrown or coarse flute next to it.