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Bread, buns & biscuits
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 15 pcs

Ingredients for Crispbread

1.5dlWhole milk
175gWheat flour
2tspCumin, ground
300gRye flour, wholemeal

Instructions for Crispbread

To prepare the Crispbread recipe, please follow these instructions:

Dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm water. Mix wheat flour and rye flour (or other coarse flour) together and pour about ¼ into the yeast mixture. Stir around and leave it covered for about ½ hour.

Melt the butter in the milk, it must only be hand-warmed and pour it into the yeast mixture with the rest of the flour and salt, if desired. Eat for a firm, smooth dough and set it back for half an hour.

Peel the dough through and divide it into about 15 pieces. Roll each piece on the table to about 12 cm, cut a round hole in the middle with a small snap-in glass. (The chopped pieces can be made for an additional crispbread). Bake them at 220 degrees C. alm. Oven about 20 minutes.

Cool on a grate and eaten or stored in a closed cookie box.