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Cupcake top with half-liquorice

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 20

Ingredients for Cupcake top with half-liquorice

optionalFreeze dried raspberries or the like
100gWhite chocolate
100gDark chocolate
17gEgg whites
45gSalty liquorice syrup
5gLicorice powder
80gPeeled almonds

Instructions for Cupcake top with half-liquorice

To prepare the Cupcake top with half-liquorice recipe, please follow these instructions:

Blend sliced ​​almonds with sugar to the pieces are a few mm.
Mix almonds, sugar, egg white and marcipan together.
Put the kettle on for a minimum of one hour (can be done well in advance).

For the garlic rings mix all the ingredients together until the whole mass is light brown.
This mass is then also put on the keel (can also easily stay).

The masses are rolled out into sausages with a diameter of approx. 2 cm. Then they are easily printed on one side (see, how Mette Blomsterberg does).

To get alternate licorice and ordinary rings, they are now cut into the sizes: Lacquer: 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, etc.
Alm .: 12.5 cm, 17.5 cm, 22.5 cm, etc.
The rings are cut with 5 cm cuts until it is not possible to make the next size.
Then cut a 5 cm piece of the regular mass which is rolled to a ball that fits the top.

The remaining mass may be possible. Cut into small cranberry pieces or rolled into small balls that are good to use as tastings.

The chopped pieces are formed into rings lying on baking plates (one to liquorice and one to alm.) And licorice-sprinkled with licorice powder.

Then they are baked in alm. Oven at 190 ° C for 10-15 minutes.

Once the rings are cooled, first the white chocolate is melted. It is placed in a cage house made of baking or food paper, shaped so that the hole is very small. Feel like sticking on the outside so it's easier to work with. Then all the liquorice rings are dressed with the white chocolate and possibly. Freeze-dried raspberries. Finish with a few chunks of chocolate on top of the wreath that the regular rings are attached to.

After that, the dark chocolate is melted into the usual rings. Start dressing from the bottom.

The garlic cake is not as sweet as a standard garlic cake and is therefore very good to eat for champagne.