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Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 5

Ingredients for Dådyrbov

1Lemon peel
1dlSour cream
1kgDådyrbov without legs
1Bay leaf
1 1/4dlRed wine
1 1/4dlWater
100gBacon, sliced
2All sorts of cereals

Instructions for Dådyrbov

To prepare the Dådyrbov recipe, please follow these instructions:

Rub the diced top with salt and pepper. Bind the bacon discs with a cotton cord. Brown the upper butter in a frying pan approx. 10 min and then put it in the oven at 160 ° C for approx. 1 hour. Add water and wine during frying. Cut onions and carrot into small cubes and add them with laurel, crushed juniper, almond and lemon peel after approx. 15 min. cooking time.

Take the oven out of the oven and let it rest on a dish. Meanwhile the farewell is said. Smooth the sauce with corn kernel stirred in a little water. Boil the sauce. Take the pan off the heat and stir the cream fry in.

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