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Dad's Tomato Soup

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Dad's Tomato Soup

1tbspFresh chopped/minced parsley frosen
1tbspOlive oil
1Cube grønsagsboullion
1Cube hønsekødsboullion
2pkgBacon in slices (2 x 150 g.)
2Big zitauerløg
3canChopped tomatoes
3dlCoconut milk
3Large cloves garlic

Instructions for Dad's Tomato Soup

To prepare the Dad's Tomato Soup recipe, please follow these instructions:

Garlic peeled and chopped. Bouillon is mixed in a cup of boiling water.
Onion chopped and blanched. First, add Bouillon, then add remaining ingredients (except coconut milk). The soup småkoger in half an hour. Meanwhile, FRY bacon spøde, put on paper towel, and after a little chopped coarsely. The soup is poured into a bowl and blended.
Coconut milk is added and the soup is cooked up in the alley, after which bacon added.

Bacon can be omitted if you are vegetarian, of course.

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