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Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Date-confections

200-250gCooking chocolate

Instructions for Date-confections

To prepare the Date-confections recipe, please follow these instructions:

heat the water and pour it over the tonsils ... let them stand a few minutes and skim them ... and almonds halved.

Crack dates take stone out ... got a little lot of marzipan in half the date ... heat cook the chocolate, use a knitting needle to poke in dates and dip them in the melted cooking chocolate half (remember chocolate must not become too hot)
be made to cool on a pergamentpapirmed a teaspoon be taken a little of the hot chocolate and blot on konfekten and even placed.
konfekten has good of a few minutes in the refrigerator in order to obtain the famous crack

konfekten can also garnish with hazel-nuts, coctailbær or vermicelli or candied violets. If we want to avoid the "feet" chocolate make, when one puts date-konfekten on parchment-paper, they can ask on a grate where the excess chocolate so will drip.