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Delicious snails cakes

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 20 pcs

Ingredients for Delicious snails cakes

It all stirred together
1.5dlLukewarm milk
2Egg yolks
2Top TSP. wheat flour
2tspVanilla sugar or grains of ½ stick vanilla
250gWheat flour
3tbspHot strong coffee
75gButter or margarine

Instructions for Delicious snails cakes

To prepare the Delicious snails cakes recipe, please follow these instructions:

Butter or margarine chop in the flour. The yeast stirred into a little of the lukewarm milk. Pour in the batter along with the sugar and the rest of the milk. The dough is kneaded together. Highlights covered in a warm place for 30 minutes.

Kneaded and rolled out to an oblong about flat, ca. 50x25 cm. To that end, lubricated the cold cake cream: egg yolks whipped with sugar and vanilla. Flour and cream stirred in gradually, and cream is cooked through during still whipping.

Raisins at will over and sprinkled the dough rolled like a roulade on the long part. Cut into 20 slices placed on greased sheets. After the highlights covered in a warm place for 25 minutes. Brushed with cream. Bake in 8-10 minutes at 250 degrees c. the cakes decorating the with the glaze when they are stirred together a bit lukewarm.