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Delicious thin pancakes

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 0

Ingredients for Delicious thin pancakes

Margarine for baking
0.5tspFine salt
150gWheat flour
3Large eggs

Instructions for Delicious thin pancakes

To prepare the Delicious thin pancakes recipe, please follow these instructions:

Flour, salt and sugar are mixed and stirred for equalization with the milk. Then the eggs are added and everything is whipped well. The dough can possibly. Pull 1/2 hour in the fridge.

A pan is warmed up and a little margarine is melted on the forehead. The pancakes are more crispy if they are cooked in a little more margrines, but can be baked on an almost dry pan.

About 1/2 dl. (Depending on the size of the pan) dough poured on the forehead and spread across the pan in a thin layer. If there is too much on the forehead, can it be poured back into the bowl.

The pancake is baked until it is golden on the underside before turning it otherwise breaks easily and breaks. When it is golden on both sides, place it on a plate, with a saucepan over.

Served with apple sauce, ice cream, jam or sugar.

Also tastes very good the next morning, lubricated with butter and sprinkled with sugar.