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Dream cake (low-fat)

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Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 12

Ingredients for Dream cake (low-fat)

0.5dlMini milk
0.5dlSyrup, light
1tbspQuark 1%
1tspVanilla sugar
150gBrown sugar
180gWheat flour
2.5tspBaking soda
25gDesiccated coconut
50gOatmeal, finvalsede

Instructions for Dream cake (low-fat)

To prepare the Dream cake (low-fat) recipe, please follow these instructions:

Whip eggs and sugar white. Mix the flour, baking powder, and vaniliesukker and turn it into egg foam together with milk and fromage frais/Greek yoghurt. Got dough in a small baking pan (20 x 25 cm) with greaseproof paper and bake the cake for about 25 minutes at 200 degrees c. alm. oven.

While the cake is in the oven, mix all ingredients in a pot and top cooked up during the whisking.

Take the cake out of the oven and screw up to 225 degrees c. alm. oven. Pour the coconut pulp in a layer in addition to the cake and bake it further in ca. 3-5 my.

Would you not so high a sugar content, one can use sweetener (in powder form) instead of sugar in the dough (see aspect ratio on sødemiddlets packaging)