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Duck in roaster

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Duck in roaster

From the second: neck gizzard liver heart etc.
A little carrot
A little white mold cheese (if you like the taste)
A little parsnip
A little celery
Lots of asparagus potatoes
1And from the butcher (remember giblet liver heart neck, etc.)
1Handful of prunes
1Tiny cloves of garlic
1Small tomato
1–2dlRed currant juice
2Peeled apples in both
2Small onions
2Small leeks
2.5dlWhipped cream
3Handfuls of apples
3-4Bay leaves
3–4twigsThyme or 1 small teaspoon dried thyme
800gRed cabbage

Instructions for Duck in roaster

To prepare the Duck in roaster recipe, please follow these instructions:

Naughty2534: cut wingtips. You must use them for the sauce. 'S so different and rub it with salt inside. Put the peeled apples and sveskerne into the second. Close it with kødnåle. Put the other down in a roaster, which must have been in the water for fifteen minutes before you use it. Style roaster into a cold convection ovens. Turn on the oven and up at 225 degrees with temperature. It says it in two hours. You take so naughty2534 out of the roaster. (It may be it has delivered so much fat and liquid that you must lay it on the grate and give it a spin with the grill.) Liquid/fat in the roaster pours you into a clear jug. You can then see what's cool and what's effect. Remove as much of the fat that you can so that there is only kødkraft back. It's ok, that's a little duck fat in the sauce. How much is a matter of taste. I am even to the poor. Save kødkraften to the gravy.

The sauce: Came wingtips, neck, gizzards, etc. down in a small saucepan. Pour water over, and bring it all to a boil, quietly. Once, the water has come to a boil and forming some foam on the water, lather you it off with a spoon. Then comes you the accessory in the water. Minus the cheese and piskefløden. Remember to give Juniper clean a pressure, so they break in the shell. Now lets you saw it all stand and cook for five to six hours of time. Then take you as a piece of paper towel. Such a consists of several layers. You should use only one layer. It puts you in the sieve and pour the sauce through. You get back the term gravy in the General role and begin cooking it into such a kind of jelly. You save "the nourishing accessories", i.e., potatoes, celery, carrots, etc. Now take you kødkraften from the roaster and pour it into a blender along with "the nourishing accessories". Start the blender. The whole thing should be for such a kind of porridge. You now use the mixed vegetables such as jævning instead of a meljævning when you need to finish the gravy.

You end the gravy to pour the mixed vegetables and honey together with a little hvidskimmelost and cream. Taste it all over with salt and pepper. And give it would also like to see a little colour.

The potatoes:
Boil the potatoes until they are ok. The shell of the arrow. Find a frying pan and sugar came on. Well with sugar. Melt the sugar in the Pan Pacific and calm and got butter on. When the butter is melted, you will the potatoes on and says so and turns them around occasionally so that they become well browned.

Red cabbage:
Cut the cabbage fine – without the stick – Sauté it in butter. Com apples and sugar in red currant juice and vinegar also come in let the cabbage stand and cook until it is tender. Remove the lid and cook væden.