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Easy homemade pasta with a difference

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Easy homemade pasta with a difference

350gVery good durummel

Instructions for Easy homemade pasta with a difference

To prepare the Easy homemade pasta with a difference recipe, please follow these instructions:

I do not use it with the mountain of flour on the table, for a normal temperature. Bowl can saktens be used. It all blended and the dough must then pull in about 1 hour.
Then use a rolling pin or a pasta machine. By pasta machine, roll the dough through 3-4 times on 7 mm and then rolled it into the desired thickness, as with us is 3 mm. then Let the plates dry in my 15 minutes, after which they cut out to Ribbon pasta or the like. sprinkle them well with flour so they don't stick together.

Boil in salted water with oil in ca. 3-4 min. then he├Žldes from the boiling water and cold water bryses over, then pasaten in a little oil, in order to avoid that it sticks too much together.

Add if necessary. dried garlic powder and herbs, for a tasty kryddert pasta.

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