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Easy Viennese horn

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 15 pcs

Ingredients for Easy Viennese horn

0.5Together the beaten egg
1.25dlCold milk
150gBarren butter
250gWheat flour
40gPeeled almonds

Instructions for Easy Viennese horn

To prepare the Easy Viennese horn recipe, please follow these instructions:

The yeast stirred into the cold milk. Sugar, eggs and wheat flour is added. The dough is kneaded together and roll out into a rectangle, about 1 ½ cm thick. Half of this is allocated the butter into slices. A little gluten wheat flour. The rest of the dough is folded over and added together to form a square, like a napkin. The dough rolled out again to a square and folded again together in four parts. This reiterates its four times. If the butter peeking out of the dough, sprinkled extra wheat flour. Finally added the dough covered to a cold place for raising in 40 minutes.

Rolled out to two broad bands are cut out to triangles.

Manddelfyldet is stirred together: They slipped ground almond, sugar, egg and butter is stirred.

Lubrication of the dough, which is rolled along to the horn from the wide end toward the narrow end. Vienna horns raises warm for 30 minutes.

Brushed with cream or eggs. Sprinkled with sugar and sliced almonds. Bake at 225-250 degrees C in 8-10 minutes.