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Egg Sandwich

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 3 pcs

Ingredients for Egg Sandwich

A few drops of English sauce
1tspDijon mustard
1large trayCress
2Hard-boiled eggs, finely chopped
20gFat-free mayonnaise from findus
6large slicesLike sandwich bread, (48 g per slice)
80gQuark 0.1

Instructions for Egg Sandwich

To prepare the Egg Sandwich recipe, please follow these instructions:

All ingredients for the egg salad are mixed. The egg salad is distributed on each slice of bread and lubricated. The green is sprinkled over. The breads are folded together for 3 sandwiches, each wrapped in film.

Like most other types of sandwiches, these egg sandwiches are also best to be cooked the evening before and stored in the refrigerator until they are to be used the following day for lunch.