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English cheese fondue

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for English cheese fondue

Freshly ground white pepper
1Leaf celery
1bundleFresh mint or 2 tsp. dried mint
1tbspCorn starch
1Sandwich bread
2tspLemon juice
2.5dlDry white wine

Instructions for English cheese fondue

To prepare the English cheese fondue recipe, please follow these instructions:

bladsellerien rinse and remove if necessary. take the stems. Cut the celery into approx. 3 cm wide strips. Cut the bread into bite-sized squares. Celery and bread came in serving bowls

Boil white wine and lemon juice together in a pottery fonduegryde.

Grate the cheese coarsely and add it a little at a time while stirring, it must be ottetaller so fondue can be accompanied by not separating.

Stir in corn starch up with 3 tbsp. cold water and pour it into the fondue can be accompanied by. Let it boil up and season with pepper.

Rinse and dry Mint. Chop it into fondue can be accompanied by. Set fondue pot at rechauden.

Came the bread cube and a piece of celery on fondue fork and dip it in the fondue can be accompanied by.

As an accessory you can servers small Pearl onions, vinegar, pickles, beer or wine.