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Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 15 portion(s)

Ingredients for Estouffade

1tbspWhole black pepper
1Whole garlic
1dlRed wine vinegar
1dlTomato puree
10Large parsley sprigs
100gSmoked pork-rind
2Bay leaf
2Large carrots
2000gOx tails
2000gBeef kraftben
3dlRed wine
3Large onion
6Chicken feet (can be ordered from the butcher)

Instructions for Estouffade

To prepare the Estouffade recipe, please follow these instructions:

The ox tails and bones are cleaned for as much meat as possible, the meat is cut into large cubes and stored a little later. Carrots and celery are cleansed, cut into cubes and brune in a frying pan in the oven with the legs and flattering at 200º for approx. 1 hour.

Bring the browned legs into a large pot (which can hold 5 liters of water, bone, meat and all herbs), pour vinegar and red wine over and let it boil a little. Combine the baking pan, with the browned carrots and celery, with 1 liter of water and save for later.

The bulbs are cut across and brown on the cutting surface on a dry forehead, they should not be peeled, as the shells help to give color color and aroma.

Onions, onions, lemon leaves, pepper, garlic, chicken feet and tomato puree are added to the legs together with 4 liters of cold water. The water is boiled and the stock should now boil on very low heat, without lid, for 10 hours, which is often foamed during cooking.

The meat is added to the water and herbs from the boiled pan and slowly boiled under frequent defoaming. When it has boiled 2 hours, mix it with the other fund and cook further with this.

Say the fund when it has cooked, and cook it for approx. 3½-4 ltr fund back. Freeze the fund in various appropriate portion sizes, for example. 2½ dl. And ½ ltr for sauce for 4 and 8 people respectively.