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Faroese pie 02

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 8 portion(s)

Ingredients for Faroese pie 02

a littleVaniliesukker
150gChopped chocolate
3dlCream fraice
3dlWhipped cream
5Grated apples
6Egg whites

Instructions for Faroese pie 02

To prepare the Faroese pie 02 recipe, please follow these instructions:

Beat the egg whites until stiff, whisk the sugar in a little at a time and turn to the last coconut and chocolate in.

Wide out on the baking sheets for 3 bottoms (approximately in size with a dining plate, only room for one on each plate)
Behind the hot air 150 degrees for about 40 min.

Filling: whip the cream to foam and turn in cremfraichen. add grated apples and season with oatmeal. Fill between the bottom and on top. Garnish, if desired with chocolate.

Instead of apples other fruit can also be used. Passport just on there not blndes too much frugtsafr in whipped cream/cremfraiche mix.