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Farseret oksetournedos

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Farseret oksetournedos

Fresh basil
1tbspDijon mustard
12Cherry tomatoes
2dlRed wine
3dlBeef broth (bouillon cube + water)
3Red onion
4largeBaking potatoes
4pcsBeef Tenderloin á 200 grams (tournedos)
50gTurkey Breast

Instructions for Farseret oksetournedos

To prepare the Farseret oksetournedos recipe, please follow these instructions:

Cut a pocket in the darkness horizontal, turkey breast, egg and cream and mix with basil, salt and pepper. The fathers are sprayed into the pocket and closed with a toothpick. Bring the steak on a hot pan and put it in the oven approx. 15 min at 180 degrees in a hot air oven (about 20% longer in a normal oven).

Sauce: Cook the pan with the bouillon and red wine and taste with Dijon mustard.

Accessories: The eggplant is cut into slices, turned into flour and golden in oil. The roast is cut in both and shredded with the mushrooms and tomatoes; Wait for the tomatoes to last. Broccoli cut into bouquets and steam in water and butter. The potatoes are cut into thin boats and shaved on a hot forehead, together with a little thyme. Bake finished in the oven approx. 10 min. At 220 degrees.

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