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Fast and easy buns

Bread, buns & biscuits
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 12 pcs

Ingredients for Fast and easy buns

1dl5-grain mix
1dlSunflower kernels
200gWheat flour

Instructions for Fast and easy buns

To prepare the Fast and easy buns recipe, please follow these instructions:

Stir yeast into the water. Then add all the kernels, sugar, salt, egg and oil. All the grahamsmelt is stirred and whipped. Add the wheat flour and whip thoroughly. The dough must not be solid, neither liquid, but it must be a little sticky.
The dough is set for 30 minutes.

The oven is switched on to 200 degrees hot air. When the dough is raised, the balls are formed. They must adhere for 15 min.
The balls are brushed with eggs, and possibly. Sprinkle some kernels upstairs.

The balls are put in the oven and baked for approx. 15min.
The bowls are cooled off and may be eaten. With butter, etc.