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Fast everyday pizza

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2

Ingredients for Fast everyday pizza

Chilli as needed
Vegetables for flavor (onion mushroom green/red pepper chilli jalapenos)
Olive oil
1glThe dolmio pasta sauce with garlic extra garlic aftertaste.
1pkgMarizena pizza el 1 finished bottom
200g(shredded) cheese
250gGround beef or 100 peperroni

Instructions for Fast everyday pizza

To prepare the Fast everyday pizza recipe, please follow these instructions:

The Maizena Pizabund is made as described on the package ... or a ready-bought bottom is used.

Then lubricate the bottom with dolmio pasta sauce.

Keep in mind that pickled vegetables from glass must be drained for as much liquid as possible to keep the pizzabond crisp. Fresh vegetables that contain a lot of water, such as mushroom onion red / greenberries can be advantageously cooked in advance to keep the filling as dry as possible.

Of course you can use any cheese, grated mozzarella is quite excellent but the better the cheese, the better the pizza. Middle-aged cheese torn in smaller pieces or gorgonzola is mums. The filling is evenly distributed overhead. First the meat and then the vegetables. Finally sprinkle with the spices and a little olive oil drips over the filling. The pizza is baked for 20-30 min at 220 degrees C. alm. Oven keep a close eye on the bottom when the edge is golden and crisp (it is difficult to specify exact time as it depends a lot on the oven). Then the cheese is on and the pizza is ready when the cheese is melted approx. After 5-10 min.