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Fillode pipes with berries

Desserts (cold)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Fillode pipes with berries

0.5Vanilla pod
2Egg yolks
2Sheets Filo
250gFresh or frozen blackberries
5dlWhipped cream

Instructions for Fillode pipes with berries

To prepare the Fillode pipes with berries recipe, please follow these instructions:

filo pastry:
The filode plate is divided into three rectangular pieces with a width of approx. 9 cm. Afterwards, brush the plates with chopped egg yolk, sprinkle with sugar and roll over a greased stainless steel tube. Bake in oven at approx. 180 degrees C for approx. 4 minutes (until golden brown). Then the tubes must be cooled.

Egg yolks, sugar and vanilla grains are whipped to a light and airy mass. The blackberries are chopped roughly and sprinkled with sugar. The lightly whipped cream and bromobutts are turned into the egg mass, after which the mass is rapidly poured into freezer. The ice is placed in the freezer.

Variation Tips:
Use any other berries or fruits.