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Fish soup with shrimp

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Fish soup with shrimp

a littleOil or butter
1Finely chopped onion
1canPeeled chopped tomatoes
1Small can of peaches and melon
200gThawed shrimp

Instructions for Fish soup with shrimp

To prepare the Fish soup with shrimp recipe, please follow these instructions:

Curry Sauté in butter or oil. The finely chopped onions should be clarified in the mixture. It is important that løgstykkerne will not be Brown because it spoils the taste. Fiskeboullion, cream and finely chopped garlic added. The tomatoes are added and the soup is boiling up in 5 min Shrimp and peach/melon cut into bite-sized pieces, add and warmed in the soup-the soup mustn't BOIL for shrimp and peaches are added when the peaches will be smattede and the shrimp tough.

The soup is incredibly easy to make. All in all it takes about 20 mins to do. I even can flavour it with far more garlic-clove of garlic-4-6 and 4 tsp. Curry, and possibly. also chilli. But the recipe is actually very child-friendly, since it is not tremendously strong, and I am yet to come across anyone who doesn't like it.