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Forloren hare 12

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Forloren hare 12

Bacon slices to the upstairs
Cilantro to taste
a littleMilk as needed
Sauces are helping
Sauces suits
1dlCream or milk
1tbspWheat flour
1Grated onion
1.5tbspRed currant jelly
1000gPork/veal sausage meat
2Beef broth
2Small grated carrots
5dlWhipped cream

Instructions for Forloren hare 12

To prepare the Forloren hare 12 recipe, please follow these instructions:

Stir all the ingredients of the dough together, stir anyway. In the stirrer, please put on a refrigerator for one hour.

Form the dad and put it in a refractory dish, put the bacon slices on. And pour some water on.
In the oven approx. 45 minutes at 200 degrees after 45 minutes it is taken out and poured with the sauce, then baked for 15 minutes at 225 degrees

Sovsen: bullion, ribs, cream and possibly. Milk is boiled up, together with the liquid from the farmer.
Season with salt and pepper and evenly remember the suit :-).

Served with boiled potatoes and carrots.