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Freezer is II

Desserts (cold)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Freezer is II

Icing sugar
0.5dlDark Rum
10dlGood vanilla ice cream for slicing
10dlCorn oil
250gGood black currant jam
500gDesiccated coconut
6Egg white size m

Instructions for Freezer is II

To prepare the Freezer is II recipe, please follow these instructions:

Start by cutting the ice in the beams. First in 4 -5 slices and each slice across again. Place the beams on a baking sheet-baked tray / oven plate and place them in the freezer for approx. 1 hour.

Meanwhile, coconut banana is done:
The egg whites are whipped well into a suitable tray with a little edges on it. Coconut meal in another. The polar beams are first turned into egg whites and then in coconut. Press firmly on the ice and put the 8 - 10 beams on the plate again (Remember the baking paper). Lower / re-enter the freezer for approx. 1 hour after which the process is repeated. This last panering should be done very carefully, thus preventing the ice from running out during the short stay in the deep fryer.

The oil is heated in a thickened pot where there is so much extra edge that it does not "overflow" when the ice is boiled in it. If you do not have a proper thermometer, and thus see when the oil is 180 - 200 degrees C C. hot, check it using the match method! If the paraffin in the match starts to boil when stuck it (match) in the oil, the temperature is fine. You can only use the same match once.

Before pouring the ice in the oil, everything else must be ready as it should be served immediately after boiling:
Make sure that you have a baking sheet ready where there are 4-5 layers of kitchen roll, so the excess oil can be sucked. The strawberry jam is added to the room and it is stirred through. This can be done with a few days in advance, so the flavors can properly "settle".

The dishes should be made on plates in the kitchen. However, the blackberry must be arranged in a bowl so your guests can take it. When everything is popped and ready, cook the ice in the oil. Do not leave the stove in mens !!! It's going to be strong. As soon as the coconut has a golden color, the pieces are taken up with a casing and driped onto the above-mentioned kitchen roll. Arrange immediately after the plates and sprinkle a little flour flour over.