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Fried rice with big tiger prawns

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 3

Ingredients for Fried rice with big tiger prawns

1Green bell pepper
1Yellow bell pepper
1tspCoriander, ground
1Red bell pepper
100gSavoy cabbage
100gSugar peas
2Egg white
2tspCurry, strong
2tbspOlive oil
300gCooked rice
300gTiger shrimp shucked, raw

Instructions for Fried rice with big tiger prawns

To prepare the Fried rice with big tiger prawns recipe, please follow these instructions:

The oil is heated in a wok and the vegetables in thin strips are raised in it. Add curry and coriander.

Add the loose rice and prawns to the vegetables and warm thoroughly.

When the whole dish is very hot add the egg whites and egg whites. Keep turning the eggs around in rice and vegetables until all of them have a delicious and creamy consistency.

The dish tastes good with mangochutney to.

Basmati rice and other fine rice will be best if you use 1 part of rice for 1.5 parts of water. The easiest thing is to cook the rice in the evening or in the morning before they are to be used.