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Fufu, foofoo, foufou or fu fu

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Fufu, foofoo, foufou or fu fu

0.5dlTomato puree
200gPotato flour
30gFresh ginger
500gMeat on the bone like goat sheep or lambs

Instructions for Fufu, foofoo, foufou or fu fu

To prepare the Fufu, foofoo, foufou or fu fu recipe, please follow these instructions:

Cut the meat into small pieces. Com salt in the water and cook the meat and bone in 20-30 minutes.

The potatoes are peeled, washed and cut into cubes. Boil potatoes 20 minutes in a pan without salt in the water.

Chop onion, chili and Ginger into very small pieces. Came the oil in a pan and fry the vegetables until golden. Com salt and tomato puree.

Drain the meat and the meat came down into the pan with the oil. Let it simmer for fufuen is finished.

Share the potatoes in a portion to each. Mash and add potato flour to the mixture is very stiff. Knead with your fingers. Shape buns the size of tennis balls. Use cold water on your hands to shape the dough balls. Buns must be blank.

Dough balls served in a plate or bowl with meat sauce around.

Fufu is Ghana's national dish. Is it made right, it can almost only be eaten with the fingers. It saturates the quite a lot. Typically, you use yams which is a root vegetable that grows in Ghana. Yamsen from nature contains a toxin which is removed by stomping the dough for a long time.