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Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Gåsebryststeg

Goose breast rose (contains both geese breast muscles)
Coarse salt
1tbspCrushed allspice
1Parsley root
1/3-1/2bottlePort wine (red) can be omitted

Instructions for Gåsebryststeg

To prepare the Gåsebryststeg recipe, please follow these instructions:

Clean the vegetables and cut them into smaller pieces. Distribute in a refractory dish and pour broth and porridge at.

Stir butter with pepper and 2/3 of all hand.

Rinse the steps for blood residues. Place it on a frying pan and loosen the skin from both breasts - though, that the skin is attached to the breastbone. Scratch the skin with a sharp knife. Distribute the butter mixture under the skin on each of the two breast muscles. Spice furthermore under the skin with salt. Rub the top of the skin with salt, pepper and the rest of the hand. Place the steps on a grid over the vegetable dish so that all the fat is gathered here.

Step for 2-2½ hours at 145-150 degrees C. alm. oven. Let it rest for 20 minutes in foil. DO NOT cover the crisp leather with foil! The cloud is skimmed and the rest of the liquid is boiled and peeled. Before serving as a saucepan. Loosen the two breasts and cut into suitable pieces - the skin is cut into strips and served with.

Serving suggestions:
Goose breaststroke with browned potatoes, red cabbage, whiskey lambs and fresh flowers. Bon appetite!