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Garlic steak with red wine sauce

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Garlic steak with red wine sauce

12Large potatoes (not baking potatoes)
200gCream frice
3dlRed wine
600gMinced beef

Instructions for Garlic steak with red wine sauce

To prepare the Garlic steak with red wine sauce recipe, please follow these instructions:

start by washing your potatoes under kolt water so they are clean for soil and dirt as you cut them so in both all 12 and looked up in a dish with a little oil and some spices e.g.

salt pepper thyme paprika chile origano and so a trip in ovner at 200 degrees in 50 min

low so a father's chop 2 onions and pour them into a bowl along with the beef pressure white lies up in the bowl and håld creamfricen up in the Bowl add a little salt and pepper and then mash it to a father's hand takes about 3 min after it forms you them so

just as/beefburgers round and approximately 1-2 cm high switch on the Pan and melt 60 g magarine or oil so that the fat is melted so you will be laying the steaks in the Pan and let them lie and roast for about 10 minutes on each side at medium heat until they have become golden brown and so are the approved

then we come to the gravy, use the fat and the power of pånden that you have stægt steaks at håld væden over in a small saucepan and let Cook together with a 1/2 milk and 3 dl red wine and low so a mel jævning in while

of water or milk a little flour and a little vang and shake it until it is thick but also flowing pour it down in the General role of the cooker and stir so around with a whisk and season with salt and pepper and then the finished

sever the so with the potatoes and steaks velbekommen

scroll possibly bacon around the steaks and stick a tanstik in through to keep on the bacon