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Gateau Marcel

Desserts (cold)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 8

Ingredients for Gateau Marcel

0.5-1Vanilla rod (or vanilla sugar)
140gPast. egg yolks
2tbspWheat flour
210gPast. egg whites
250g64% chocolate (good quality)

Instructions for Gateau Marcel

To prepare the Gateau Marcel recipe, please follow these instructions:

(The cake must be made the day before)


1: The vanilla grains are scrapped and mixed with some of the sugar so they are not clumped together.

2: Chocolate chopped and melted with the butter over the water bath - make sure the chocolate does not get too hot as it will clap and get ugly flavor. Rather do it slowly than having to start over.

3: While the chocolate and butter are melted, sugar and vanilla whip together with egg yolks and egg whites. It must be whipped until it is stable foam, when you pick up the whip, the foam will keep the top up. It's good to whip in a kitchen machine as an electric whip can easily be overheated due to the long whipping.

4: When the chocolate is melted, cool it shortly and gently turn it into the egg mass. It's easiest to do it by hand, but a scraper can be used for use, be careful not to pour out too much air out of the mass, turn it gently and only until it is uniform.

5: The mass is divided into two bowls of 500 g each, one filmed and placed on the fridge.

6: The other bowl is sifted into the two spoonfuls of flour, and turn over until the mass is uniform.

7: The mass comes in a spring form lined with baking paper or greased and baked at 160 degrees for about 30 minutes, check the cake before all the ovens heat differently.

8: When the chocolate bottom has cooled off, there is an edge of patch to the edge (if there is not already baking paper there) and the chocolate bottle from the refrigerator is placed on top.

9: It is set to cool for the next day, the summit sits down the night so it must stand overnight that it does not flow beyond all when it is released from the mold.

10: Sprinkle with cocoa powder and decorate with berries or marcipan flowers.

11: Bon appetit!