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Good Pieces

Breakfast & brunch
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 10 pcs

Ingredients for Good Pieces

Poppy seeds
Sesame seeds or look like
1000gWheat flour
25gSkimmed-milk powder

Instructions for Good Pieces

To prepare the Good Pieces recipe, please follow these instructions:

Start dissolving the yeast in the water, sugar and salt. Add the skimmed-milk powder. Then add egg and fat, preferably completely melted. Finally add flour.

Knead the dough, like in the machine. Then make the dough into a ball and let it rise on a table (so raise it better) with a dish over. Let it rest for 40-60 min.

Then cut to four edges or form into balls. Brush them with water and bake them in a bowl of birch. Do the same on the other side and bake them in a bowl of sesame seeds. Let them rise for 30 minutes.

Behind them at 240 ° Alm. oven. For approx. 10 min.

Tip: The skimmed-milk powder can be bought in Føtex. Use lukewarm water and not cold water. Remember * to preach all the air out of them otherwise they will become very soft.