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Goose, fried

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6 portion(s)

Ingredients for Goose, fried

2.5tbspWheat flour

Instructions for Goose, fried

To prepare the Goose, fried recipe, please follow these instructions:

Sveskerne be set to soak the day before. The goose made able, rinsed and dried well inside and outside. Flare fat oily and greasy from the intestines out in cold water before it is rendered and used for sandwiches. The apples are washed, peeled, sliced and sprinkled with sugar.
Goose rubbed the insides with salt and filled with apples and prunes. That sys for it, or it is kept along with the skewers before the rubbed with salt and FRY in oven.
The goose is on the chest on the grate over the baking pan in the first third of the frying time, after which it turned over and fry with the chest upwards in the rest of the frying time. The goose can be fried in the frying or long-term frying.
Oventemperatur: 200-250 degrees for tanning, and 160 degrees for frying.
Time: 2 ½-3 hours at regular frying, and ca. 5 hours by long-term frying.
About ½ hour before the goose is done, pour the cloud from, the valve is opened or the oven door ajar, and the goose made after Brown by over heat with the thermostat at 200-250 degrees, alone or in oven without thermostat-know very strong heat. You may want to pour a little cold water over the goose when it after Brown, it makes the skin crisp.
Cloud poured from the roasting pan, the fat skimmed off and the measured, smoothed over and tilsmages.
The goose cut and served with roasted potatoes, red cabbage and/or white or rødkålsalat and cooked apples and sweat happens.

Remember that the right is from the 1950s, why especially the technical around the oven (convection ovens are not described) should be transformed into contemporary treatment.