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Grass soup with cinnamon loaf

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 0

Ingredients for Grass soup with cinnamon loaf

Finely grated must of ½ lemon
a littleOil
1dlMinced parsley
1Onion into quarters
1dlWhipped cream
1Red chili
100gPotato into coarse cubes
2tbspGrated ginger
4tbspPumpkin seeds
500gHokkaido pumpkin into coarse cubes
7.5dlVegetable broth

Instructions for Grass soup with cinnamon loaf

To prepare the Grass soup with cinnamon loaf recipe, please follow these instructions:

Onions and garlic are exchanged in oil.
The chives, whole chilli and ginger are added and shuffled for 1 minute.
Potatoes, pumpkin and broth are added and the soup cooks under low for 20 minutes.
Remove the chili, add half of the cream and mix the soup into a creamy cream.
Season with salt, pepper, ginger and casserole.
The other half of the cream is whipped lightly (not creamy, only creamy) and seasoned with cinnamon.
Peel the green kernels on a dry pan and mix with parsley and grated lemon peel.
Cereals and cinnamon roll served with the soup.