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Graved beef tenderloin

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Graved beef tenderloin

A little Italian spice salt
A little Rosemary
A little Sage
1tbspRose pepper
2Ripe avocado
500gBeef Tenderloin

Instructions for Graved beef tenderloin

To prepare the Graved beef tenderloin recipe, please follow these instructions:

Excavated beef tenderloin:
All ingredients are mixed in a suitable large plastic bag, and the tenderloin is brought in. The bag is closed "loose", ie. That there should be some air around the meat. Place the bag in a refrigerator and turn 3-4 times a day and stay for 3 days.

Then it is taken out of the bag and most spices are scrapped by the meat. Cut carefully into thin slices, it is now tender as butter.

Avocadosovs: The avocados are blended or stirred soft. Mix with other ingredients. This sauce must not stand too long as it easily becomes dark on the surface.

Served with oven-fried triangular potatoes and tomato salad.