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Grilled hills in savoy cabbage

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 3

Ingredients for Grilled hills in savoy cabbage

0.5tbspOlive oil
1Savoy cabbage
600gHaddock fillet

Instructions for Grilled hills in savoy cabbage

To prepare the Grilled hills in savoy cabbage recipe, please follow these instructions:

Start turning on the grill ... (the dish can also be cooked in the oven)

The juice from a half lemon is mixed with olive oil and dripped over the filler fillets. Fillet fillets are divided into 4 servings and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Put the portions on each of their savoy cabbage leaves. Place 2 chop dill and one lemon slice on top of each serving piece. The Savoykål blade closes close together about the fish. Use any. Another leaf so the wrapping gets quite close. The leaves keep on the taste of the fish. After the trip on the grill the leaves are not suitable for dining.

The fishing packages are laid on the grill for almost 20 minutes.

As an accompaniment to the fish packages, vegetables, new potatoes and possibly. butter sauce.

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