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Grilled Lamb Chicken

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6

Ingredients for Grilled Lamb Chicken

1tspThe 3 spice
1dlOlive oil
1750gLamb u clavicle
3tspAllround spice
3tspBarbecue spice

Instructions for Grilled Lamb Chicken

To prepare the Grilled Lamb Chicken recipe, please follow these instructions:

The lamb casserole is boned completely or partially, I prefer partially.

Cut around the femur, it's at the thick end, a bit down the leg, the hardest thing is to divorce the leg in the lead, but with some kindness and clarity it can be done. In this way it is not necessary To lace the club and you can cut nice slices of the club.

Cut the worst fat from (that's what tastes of wool). Scratch the rest of the fat in the tern.

Pour the oil into a bowl with the spices and put the lamb in it. It should preferably be 6-8 hours to get the optimal taste, but can also be done just before it is grilled.

Grilles looked in the barbeque for approx. 1 hour and 45 min. When using a step thermometer, it should show 75 degrees for thoroughness.

Tastes great with garlic cloves and potato salad.

The same can be done with a culott steak or a roast beef, so the cooking time must only be adjusted to the size of the meat.