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Grilled steak with olive sauce

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Grilled steak with olive sauce

1Free range duck
1tbspWheat flour
1.5dlDry white wine
30gHeart/liver/gizzard from other
5Pimentofyldte green olives

Instructions for Grilled steak with olive sauce

To prepare the Grilled steak with olive sauce recipe, please follow these instructions:

Clean another. Cut excess fat away. Preheat the grill. Clothes if possible. Frying pan with foil and place grill grille over.

Divide the middle through the chest and back piece to make 2 halves with each wing and thigh. Rub them with salt and pepper everywhere and place them on the grill with the inside upwards. Grill them 45-50 minutes, 15-20 cm from the grill elements. Turn the pieces and grill the top 45-50 minutes.

Make the sauce while the other is cooked.
Roll the onions and chop them nicely. Cut the heart, liver and throat into smaller pieces. Let half of the butter become golden in a small saucepan. Brown indian and chopped onions. Pour the broth and let it spin for about a quarter of time. Say it. Bring the sour broth to the boil with white wine. Stir a buttercup of the rest of the butter and flour. Whip it in the sauce. Cut the olives in the middle. Bring them to the sauce with the basil and thyme. Let the sauce cook 3-4 minutes and season with salt and pepper.

Cut another like this: put a deep cut on the inside of the bird's thigh with a sharp knife and loosen it from the "hip joint". Cut the other one in the same way. Cut the breast filters off the hull and also cut them in slanted discs. Put another on a hot dish and serve the olive sauce.

Served with flute and fresh salad.