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Hakkebøf / m pan-fried vegetables

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2 portion(s)

Ingredients for Hakkebøf / m pan-fried vegetables

Freshly crushed pepper grains
Oregano or second leaf spice
1Small onions
175gFresh champion (glass can be used)
2Peppers (use even a green and a red but a matter of taste)
200g8/10% fat ground beef
250gCherry tomatoes

Instructions for Hakkebøf / m pan-fried vegetables

To prepare the Hakkebøf / m pan-fried vegetables recipe, please follow these instructions:

Divide the beef in two equal steaks. Mix the spices and put it on the sides of the steaks.

Stir on warm forehead without fat.

The peppers are cut into the tern. The paws are cut into slices. Champions cut into slices. The loop is chopped. The cherry tomatoes are halved.

First, turn onion and when light brown add pepper and pepper. When that's almost enough, champions are added.

When the steaks are finished keep the heat somewhere else and the tomatoes lie with the flat side down on the steak pan.

Serve the vegetables on a plate decorated with cherry tomatoes and steaks next to it.

The recipe is made according to what we eat here ... so it can be supplemented up or down.

Salad can be served.