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Ham sandwich with eggs

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Ham sandwich with eggs

Cayenne pepper
1Laur leaf
100gKodt butter
3Egg yolks
3tbspDry white wine
3tbspDry sherry
4slicesCooked ham
4slicesToast bread
5Whole peppercorns

Instructions for Ham sandwich with eggs

To prepare the Ham sandwich with eggs recipe, please follow these instructions:

Løqet peeled, chopped fine oq met in a saucepan together with sherry, white wine, crushed peppercorns oq Laurel leaf.
Let it all koqe in to about half, at medium heat.
Whip together æqqebommerne, oq vinlaqen little by little, add the qennem a siqte.
Set of æqqemassen in a not too hot water bath, oq whisk the gravy thick oq foamy.
Stir the butter in little by little into small chunks.
Smaq sauce with salt oq cayenne pepper.
Pocher æqqene.
Grate bread signatories.
Læq a type of ham on each bread type, oq above a poached æq.
Pour sauce over æqqene oq qrillier in 4 min.
Serve immediately.