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Hams with madeira sauce

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Hams with madeira sauce

Butter or margarine
0.5tspGroftkværnet pepper
1tbspChinese soy sauce
1tbspTomato puree
150gGreen grapes
2tbspChopped onion
2tbspWheat flour

Instructions for Hams with madeira sauce

To prepare the Hams with madeira sauce recipe, please follow these instructions:

The cooked meat is rubbed with pepper and Rosemary and placed on a piece of aluminum foil.
The emphasis is on the flesh halved, udkernede grapes packed.
FRY in a 200 degrees oven for about 35 minutes, the meat is thoroughly hot.
Sauté the onions to the sauce. The flour is added, which soaks up the fat, add tomato puree.
There have to thin water down with broth and sauce cooked about 5 mins.
Sauce madeira, soy sauce, season with pepper and, if desired. a little salt.
The meat is served with grapes, the sauce and potatoes, URf.eks. braise potato and salad.