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Hasselnøddeis and raw Danish plums

Desserts (cold)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Hasselnøddeis and raw Danish plums

1Vanilla pod
300gFresh hazelnut kernels
5gFresh ginger
500gFresh Danish sun-ripened plums URf.eks. Reine claude plum
6Egg yolks

Instructions for Hasselnøddeis and raw Danish plums

To prepare the Hasselnøddeis and raw Danish plums recipe, please follow these instructions:

After the nuts are broken, sprinkle with 200 g of sugar and come in a refractory dish. Place the dish under the grill in the oven until the sugar is caramelized. When the caramelized nuts have cooled, chop them roughly and turn into the homemade vanilla cream.

Whip the 6 egg yolks completely light yellow with 100 g sugar. Boil the cream with a spoonful of vanilla and let it pull for 10 minutes before it is said in the eggshell. All of it is returned to the pan and heated up with stirring until it is smoothed (do not finally boil). Cool and freeze under stirring, possibly in a sorbet, if you have one. Once the ice has become frozen and not before - stir the sugar-shredded hazelnuts and the ice is frozen.

Frozen plums:
The flowers are rinsed, halved and the stones are removed. Sugar, water and finely chopped ginger are boiled for 10 minutes until it becomes a syrupy consistency. Cool and put the flowers in it and let them take a couple of hours. Served with a little of the hazelnut cookie.