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Henkogt cauliflower

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Ingredients for Henkogt cauliflower


Instructions for Henkogt cauliflower

To prepare the Henkogt cauliflower recipe, please follow these instructions:

The cauliflower freeze for leaves is rinsed and put into water (not the water described but the cauliflower is covered) there should be an hour. Salt must also be in the water. Hereafter the cauliflower is to be divided into bouquets. The bouquets are rinsed in chlorine solution and blanched. The cauliflower is filled with chloramine-baked cauliflower giving 3.5 dl. Water a boil and pour into the glasses to avoid darkening, add a barely ripe tomato. The glasses are closed. Henkoges first time in 60 min. At 100 degrees. And second time in 40 min. 100 degrees

Use only the correct cookware glass. On google