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Hinge Special - Bolcher

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 0

Ingredients for Hinge Special - Bolcher

optionalLittle black color-if you thought
0.5tspPepper (shock)
2tbspLicorice powder
2.5tbspSalmiakki powder
3-5Menthol crystals

Instructions for Hinge Special - Bolcher

To prepare the Hinge Special - Bolcher recipe, please follow these instructions:

Mix sugar, glucose and water in a pan hot until it's 157 degrees C warm. Pour onto a mashboard with a little oil on (or multiple baking paper). Keep the warm and flowing mass in the chess on the plate. Pour all the flavors on and mix. When the mass drops the plate, it is aged until it can be pulled into beautiful bolts. Cut the bolos out as desired. Sprinkle with flour and store in jam glass.

They do not last for as long as buying bolts - so do only what you eat within a couple of months.