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Homemade spring rolls

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 0

Ingredients for Homemade spring rolls

1canBamboo shoots
1pkgDough fa China man (located in the freezer and costs ca. 23 us)
1Small cabbage
2-3tspCurry paste
4-5Spring onions

Instructions for Homemade spring rolls

To prepare the Homemade spring rolls recipe, please follow these instructions:

I roast chilli and curry paste in the oil, put the beef in. When it's browned, the rest of the vegetables smoke. Simmer for a little 10 minutes.

Can be made the day before, so it's cold when it's in the roll.

The dough is taken out small 45 minutes before use, put a wet dish over the dough to make the thin pieces easier. Lay the dough on the slope with the tip upwards, place the filling in the middle and bend the lower tip towards the other. Wet the outer tips with water and bend over each other. Wet again the last piece of Van and roll it finished.

Look at the picture, the easier understanding :))

Stir them in oil, possibly in a wok, for 4-5 minutes, they float upstairs when finished, but most importantly, the dough now becomes crisp before picking up.

Has focused on taking pictures of the roll of spring roll as it facilitates understanding of the performances. Can easily be frozen and taken up one day you are busy.