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Hot cocoa 07

Drinks (warm)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1

Ingredients for Hot cocoa 07

1dlWhipped cream
1tbspPure cocoa powder

Instructions for Hot cocoa 07

To prepare the Hot cocoa 07 recipe, please follow these instructions:

How to do: Warm the milk in a pot for five minutes, or pour it into the cup and put it in the microwave oven (if you have one) for one minute. While the milk gets hot, you whip the cream to make it foam. Use a hand whip or whisk.
When the milk is hot, put sugar and cocoa in, stir with a spoon, put a sprinkled whipped cream on top - and voila: Then there is hot hot cocoa. You can possibly. Use some of these tips

Tip 1: Cocoa with vanilla flavor
Try to put a little sprinkle of vanilla powder into the milk. It gives a nice, sweet taste.

Tip 2: Cream with a spit
Do you think the whipped cream is a bit boring? Then try mixing a small stick of jam in before whipping the cream. It tastes heavenly!

Tip 3: Cocoa with Christmas flavor
It's a bit long for December, but if you're already having a Christmas party, try a drizzle of cinnamon. Yum!

Tip 4: Avoid skin
If you have made a lot of cocoa, you can get furious. But you can easily avoid it by pouring all of the mole on a thermocouple as soon as it's done.

Tip 5: Decorate
Top possibly with a sprinkle of cocoa, a spicy chocolate sauce or some mini-skimmers to make it extra inviting