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Hunter Pan-strong Game soup.

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6

Ingredients for Hunter Pan-strong Game soup.

Sour cream
Fresh chopped parsley
0.5Small teaspoon caraway
1Large onion
1lVildtconsommé or water
100gSmoked lard
400gGame meat from hair-or game birds. (can be used together but here you have to be aware of frying time.)
50gConcentrated tomato puree

Instructions for Hunter Pan-strong Game soup.

To prepare the Hunter Pan-strong Game soup. recipe, please follow these instructions:

Meat, blubber and vegetables cut into very small cubes separately.
First toasting it smoked lard in a suitable pot. When packed has delivered a FAT to the Pan, add the venison meat. Finally, with the strong intent to heat under the pan.
Paprika came on, all grøndsager, tomato puree, caraway and 1 litre good vildtconsommé, såfremtman want a heavy soup.
Who can if necessary be used water. BUT ....!
If used meat from older håvildt, the soup simmer about 1 hour. You have chosen to use brystkød from wild game cooking time will be reduced by half. In other words, approx. 30 min.
You choose the last option, you must use vildtconsommé, and NOT water, if we want a good result.
Season with salt and pepper from the mill.
By server no met a dollop of sour cream on top and possibly a green sprinkle. (Parsley).
Serve with good coarse fresh bread.


Hunter pan is suitable to take with you in the Woods. There is plenty for 4 hunters.