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Ice in a raspberry ring

Desserts (cold)

Servings: 4 portion(s)


0.5-1 Lemon juice from here
1 bundle Lemon balm
1 dl Crème fraiche 38%
1 Vanilla pod
2 tbsp Water
200 g Fresh raspberries
5 Egg yolks
5 dl Whipped cream
5 tbsp Sugar
50 g Sugar


To prepare the Ice in a raspberry ring recipe, please follow these instructions:

Ice cream is cooked the day in advance. Whip the egg yolks light and airy with sugar and vanilla. Turn the pinch-cream in and freeze. Stir in the ice cream at 20 minutes intervals the first hour before the ice is frozen in the final form. For raspberry sauce, mix raspberries with sugar and water and season with lemon, after which the kernels are poured through a sieve. Indicate the raspberry sauce on plates. Beat the sauce into place by knocking the plate into the bottom while turning it, so that the sauce slides along the edge. Bring creme fraiche into a plastic bag and cut a small hole in the tip. Draw a pattern on the raspberry cream. Place raspberries and lemon balm leaves. Just before serving, spread the ice on the plates.

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