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Juicy fried turkey

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 0

Ingredients for Juicy fried turkey

Turkey not under 4.6 kg
1kgPork sausage meat at any time the fat 22%

Instructions for Juicy fried turkey

To prepare the Juicy fried turkey recipe, please follow these instructions:

Clean the turkey, rub it inside with salt.
Stir a fad with rasp, egg salt and pepper, stir sliced ​​mushrooms in.
Fill the turkey with the dad, also remember under the throat skin, may overflow as mushrooms fade by frying. The turkey is closed with meat needles and rubbed outside with salt.
Put the turkey in the frying pan, put it in an old dish clothed in oil.
Step the turkey at about 100 -120 degrees.
Stage time 6 - 8 hours.
If you do not think the turkey is fried golden as desired, take the dish of the last 10 and temp. In the oven set to 210 degrees.
If there is a lot of moisture (sky) from the turkey, say it from along the way, so the steps do not stand and mushrooms. Sauce: Sweat in a saucepan, remember salt and pepper, pour water, add a little porridge and simmer until there is a strong fund. The cloud is poured, boiled with cream and creamed with ribs. A menace, of those with some calories, but no more than it can be defended for Christmas dinner.

I learned from a turkey farmer, but never buy turkeys under 4500 grams, so there is too much bone in relation to meat. Forget about storing tea towels at other times, it's just unusable, so it's good with an old worn out blanket