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Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Kastanjecremeroulade

Baking paper
Cocoa and espresso powder
1dlPureed apricot jam
100gDark chocolate cocoa content 60-70%
125gSoft butter, preferably unsalted
125gWheat flour
250gSweet chestnut puree from tinned (barbier dauphin)

Instructions for Kastanjecremeroulade

To prepare the Kastanjecremeroulade recipe, please follow these instructions:

To the roulade the eggs are divided into whites and plums. Whip the egg yolks to thick cream with sugar and add sifted flour. Mix it carefully. Whip the egg whites stiff and add 1 tbsp. Sugar midway. Stir a little of the cream into the eggcrumb, and flip the rest with light hand. Grease the dough in a fingerprint (about 30 x 38 cm) on baking paper, laid on the plate. Pour the dough into the 200 ° oven for approx. 8 minutes. Immediately flip the baked bottom onto a piece of sugar-baked baking soda and brush the paper side of the paper, which is located at the top with cold water. Wait a moment, so the paper can easily be pulled off. Roll the dough easily together with the sugar-smoked paper and let it get cold. Grease the cooled bottom with hot apricot marmalade. Whip chestnut pie, butter and melted chocolate together. Cover the cream with the cream, roll it together and aim cocoa and espresso powder over the roulade. Keep it cold.