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Krebs Pande

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Krebs Pande

Rice (basmati or Jasmine URf.eks.)
1Bouillon cube (chicken)
1tspDelicatessen paprika
1canPeeled tomatoes
1tspCurry (which may be more or less depending on the strength and flavour)
2dlWhite wine
2dlWhipped cream

Instructions for Krebs Pande

To prepare the Krebs Pande recipe, please follow these instructions:

Seasoned mushrooms are shaken in a little butter and taken up. Finely chopped onions in a little more butter, whereupon the peeled tomatoes are passed through a sieve into the pan. The broth is added; It all sorts a little, after which the cream comes together with the roasted mushrooms and a little esdragon.

While the sauce is slowly boiled, slightly butter on a forehead, and curry and peppers are switched for a moment. Crayfish tails are added and transluced and then poured into white wine. Krebs and wine pour into the sauce and give a brief boil. Season with salt and spices.

Serve hot hot with good rice.